No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness and Leash

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The Last Dog Harness You'll Ever Have To Buy, Guaranteed!

2-In-1 Dog Harness and Retractable Leash!

Constant pulling can cause your dog to develop irreversible injuries. The most common ones are arthritis, severe inflammation, and bursitis. Our newly upgraded dog harness not only incorporates all the functions of a walk-in dog harness, but also adds a retractable dog leash on top of it, which is the same principle as a car seat belt, it combines multiple functions and is the perfect gift for your dog.


✅ Free your hands whenever you need to

✅ All-in-one no pull dog harness

✅ Retractable dog leash

✅ Easily adjustable neck girth and chest girth

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Our No Pull Adjustable Harness & Leash has helped THOUSANDS of dogs around the world stop pulling and eliminated reckless behavior from harness & collar damage.


Trusted by 2,000+ customers

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Mariska O.

Great dual purpose lead and harness in one. Lead retracts into harness making it perfect for letting dog off quickly.

Kelly S.

The 2 in 1 harness and leash is the best invention ever, I mean the leash is included and it's retractable, I think this is too cool lol. The harness is very comfortable for my dog it has pad underneath so the dog can feel comfy, and it's adjustable. This harness is good quality and the price is amazing since I would never find a harness like this In stores, not even close to the price, this harness and leash is amazing!!

Britt J.

I love this harness and leash as a 2 in 1. My dog is a Frenchie and the large had adjustable straps to make this fit perfectly! Use the measurements guide!! The top of harness holds the expandable leash in the top and releases as needed and winds back up as the slack is given, so much easier! The top of the harness even has a small but helpful handle for control and easy pick up of dog if necessary.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff K.

I took Bella out for a walk today to test out the new harness. As soon as I pulled it out of the box she was waiting at the door. The harness was easy to put on and adjust and it fit her really well. The length of the leash is just right for casual walking. Highly recommend!

Raine W.

This harness combination is great. My dog isn’t too impressed as I think it just feels a bit strange on her. It is heavier than any other harness she has worn so I think it will take her a while to get used to it. The best part for me is that it takes her a little more effort to walk ahead of me with this harness on as she literally has to pull away whereas a normal extending lead is much easier for her. This means that for the first time ever she is now walking to heel!!!

Richard P.

We have a 13 month old lurcher who is, I guess, still growing. The L size was at full stretch and the XL size is slightly too large, but it wouldn't come off so we went with that. He'll grow into it.There's a lot to like about this, mainly that when we took him out for a run in the field we could just let him go and not have to fiddle about with the double lead we normally use. It's also partly like a retractable lead which means that we didn't have the usual problem of him getting tangled up when he goes round in circles sniffing.

Rebecca M.

This harness is easy to adjust and put on as well as being well made.

Shannon T.

I am honestly so so impressed with this harness that i was showing it off to all my neighbours who own dogs within 30 mins of getting this. It’s lightweight so doesn’t bother my dog at all, at first she seemed a little confused but once she worked out she was going for a walk she was fine. The quality of all the material is really good and so far i’ve had no issues.