Steam Massage Dog Brush

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Color: Milk Brown

The #1 Solution To Dog Hair

Innovative Steam Technology

The Steam Massage Dog Brush harnesses the power of steam to provide a gentle and effective grooming experience for your pets. The soothing warmth of steam not only relaxes your pets but also helps to loosen and remove dirt, dander, and loose fur, leaving their coat clean and shiny.

Reduce Shedding By 95% TODAY

✓ Perfect for All Coat Types

✓ Pet-Safe Rounded Edges

✓ Shiny and Smooth Fur

✓ Hygienic and Easy to Clean

✓ Stress-Free Grooming Experience

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94% of customers feedbacked that the BarkPal stopped their dog from barking and improved their human-to-dog social skills.

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Linda C.

My cat and dog both likes it when I use it to massage them. It's really good, and shipping was very fast, much faster than the expected delivery time. I will recommend it to my friends who keep pets!

Kate W.

My boy immediately started purring when I brushed him with this. The silicone bristles are soft and grip any loose fur. The brush itself is very comfortable to hold and doesn’t feel awkward at all to use. No issues with leaks, either, and it’s easy to lift hair out from around the bristles. So far, so good!

Astrid W.

Pretty much all cats and dogs love a good grooming. Just like we humans. A good brushing always feels good. This ergonomically shaped brush feels very comfortable in the hand. The silicone spikes, or bristles, are soft and pliable. Just strong enough to provide a good massage, but soft enough so as not to irritate a more sensitive skin that some pets might have. Try it out on yourself and you'll easily understand.

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Customer Reviews

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Vanessa H.

Excellent product. It's big and very functional. It has charging cable. Steam boot which is perfect for cleaning pets. The brush is suitable for removing dead hairs. I loved it. It arrived in perfect condition and well packed. Highly recommend.

Jessica W.

Arrived pretty fast and in quality is great

Caleb W.

The dogs really like it.🤩🤩🤩

John F.

My dogs love it

Taylor M.

I have two dogs and this brush works wonders. 10 out of 10